Our designers have over 600 years of experience and imagination to create schematic home designs for anything from entry level production homes to sprawling single family custom homes. Our design and engineering staff will work with the professionals preparing the Construction Documents from the completed schematic design to ensure that the architecture and engineering requirements are fused to provide the most cost-effective and constructible projects possible.


Residential structural engineering design and drafting services are our forte. We have over 440 years of widely varied cumulative engineering and drafting experience.  Our field staff walks framed structures to observe the construction for compliance with the engineered design.


Our engineers and field service staff are available for observations for homeowners, builders, attorneys, and insurance companies. We use scientific instruments such as a manometer, moisture meter, pacometer, ferroscans and total station for non-destructive field measurements. Our most experienced engineers are available for expert testimony in court, in depositions or in mediation/arbitration. We have testified on numerous occasions.